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Find New Clients Using Accurate Email Marketing Lists From Electric Marketing

Win new business with mailing lists and email lists of HR directors, marketing directors, IT managers, finance directors or chief executives.

Looking To Reseed Your Marketing Lists?

Tue, 29/03/2022

But Don't Want To Buy The Same List That You Bought Last Year?

If you are looking to improve the strike rate of your email marketing but don't want to go down the route of buying a whole new data set, Electric Marketing has options for you.

Our mailing lists updating services mean that you will not pay full price for marketing data that you already have on your system.

We have three main routes to updating your lists; you can go down one, two or all three routes, depending on how thoroughly you wish to clean your lists.

Option One: The easiest and most popular route. You can have more of the same type of data and only pay for the new contact names and email addresses that you do not already have.

How It Works: you send over your existing data file and the criteria for your ideal mailing list eg HR managers in financial services. We run your list of HR managers against our up-to-date list of HR managers. We send you a list count and the price for buying the contacts which are not already on your list.

Price: 45p for each new contact. This usually works out significantly cheaper than buying a new version of the same list.

Option Two: Verify your current mailing list. This route will tell you which of your current list is still correct.

How It Works: you send over your existing data file. We run it against our files to identify which contacts are still correct. We will get back to you with a count and the price for confirming the contacts which are still in their roles. Price 10p per contact confirmed as correct.

Option Three: Remove from your mailing list the contacts which we know to have left. This route means that you can absolutely dump incorrect contacts from your data file.

Electric Marketing has a Leavers Database of 200,000 managers and directors who are no longer in their roles. We can run your existing data file against this suppression file and remove all the contacts that we have confirmed as having left their role.

Price: £5 per 1,000 contacts on your database, so if your list has 10,000 contacts, we can run it against our list for £50 and remove the contacts that we know are incorrect.

To start reseeding your marketing mailing lists so that you are sending more emails to active business email addresses, email Katie Parker-List or call us on 020 7419 7999.