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Why Targeting Your Marketing Campaign To Newly Appointed Managers Can Power Up Your Response Rates

Thu, 10/10/2019

Electric Marketing’s New Marketing Appointments service is 28 years old and we are preparing Marketing Appointments issue number 337 this month.

Why has this business list product lasted so long? Is it that amidst the supercharged technological change of the last 30 years, the old saying that a new broom sweeps clean still holds.

A new manager with a new job will likely kick off by hiring some new suppliers. Whether it’s a marketing manager looking to revitalise the advertising campaign (hires new ad agency) or an HR director looking to recruit new talent (uses new executive search firm), newly appointed managers work hard at making their mark.

And so by targeting a newly appointed manager, your sales pitch offering to solve a problem could come at the right time, leaving you well-placed to become a regular supplier of the new manager.

These targeted mailing lists of managers, directors and c-level contacts are ideal for emarketing, telemarketing and direct marketing. Electric Marketing is the only mailing list company offering New Appointments mailing lists.

We offer eight job titles

Why not try a campaign to newly-appointed managers in your target market? In our experience, these lists outperform standard mailing lists. But of course, they are much smaller than standard lists. They are best suited to ongoing business-to-business marketing campaigns.

We offer these lists on a subscription basis. You can sign up for a year and we’ll send you a new list of newly appointed managers every month.

We’ll be happy to send you one free issue from one of the New Appointments lists. Send us an email or make like it’s 1991 and phone us on 020 7419 7999.