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Corporate Telephone Preference Service Screening

Electric Marketing can screen telephone numbers on your prospect database against the CTPS file.

How it works:

1. Simply send us your database of phone numbers in an Excel, CSV or txt file.

2. We then screen your database against the CTPS register, clearly marking all the CTPS-registered telephone numbers.

3. We email the cleaned database back to you the same day.

4. For the next 28 days* you can make telemarketing calls to your prospect database safe in the knowledge that you will not call a company that has registered not to receive such calls.

*It is legal to make sales calls to a telephone number for 28 days after it is registered with the CTPS. Because the CTPS register is updated daily it is only necessary to screen your database against the CTPS register once every 28 days.


Our pricing system is very simple: we charge 1p per telephone number checked and there is no minimum charge.

To check 1,000 telephone numbers we charge £10.
To check 5,000 telephone numbers we charge £50.
To check 10,000 telephone numbers we charge £100.
To check 20,000 telephone numbers we charge £200.

Alternatively send us an email or phone us on 020 7419 7999 and we will email you a CTPS Screening Order Form for you to complete and send back with your database.

£0.01 per record
Please try and ensure that the uploaded file doesn't contain empty rows/records, as you'll be billed accordingly.
One file only.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt csv xls xlsx.
Whether the uploaded file includes a header row.