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Find New Clients Using Accurate Email Marketing Lists From Electric Marketing

Win new business with mailing lists and email lists of HR directors, marketing directors, IT managers, finance directors or chief executives.

Business-to-Business Marketing Directors in UK's Top 1,000 Companies

Mailing list with email addresses of 1,000 marketing directors working in companies marketing to businesses.

We have compiled this mailing list by telephoning each company and researching the name of the most senior person responsible for marketing to businesses.

There are companies on this list which also sell to consumers, but we have focused on identifying the head of the b2b marketing team.

There is just one contact provided for each company. Their job title may be marketing director, VP of marketing, head of marketing, chief marketing officer or marketing manager, but they are the most senior person responsible for b2b marketing in that company.

Each company on the mailing list has annual sales of over £55m and has a significant presence in the UK.

Industry sectors covered by the list include business services, construction, civil engineering, computer manufacturers, computer services & software, electronics, corporate financial services, corporate legal services, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and telecoms. 

For each contact we provide the corporate address where the person is based, the business phone number, website and the contact's personal business email address. No generic emails ie info@ or sales@. No self-generated emails. 

You can have this data delivered to your inbox today. We use ShareFile for secure data delivery. Data arrives in an easy to use Excel spreadsheet.

To have a list of 1,000 marketing directors and senior marketing managers delivered to your inbox, order the list of Top 1,000 Marketing Directors in B2B Marketing here.