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Electric Marketing’s Special Offers On Selected Mailing Lists Are Back For June 2022. Choose From Seven Mailing Lists On Offer At 15% Discount.

Get your message in the inbox of the manager who has a budget for your product

You can optimise your response rates by targeting your marketing emails to businesses by job title, a reliable indicator of corporate function.

Choose the job title of the manager in the company most likely to buy your product and send your email directly to their inbox. Electric Marketing specialises in direct personal business email addresses and has mailing lists of over 120 different job titles.

We aim to give you a list of senior managers and directors who can make purchasing decisions.

The list of job titles that we offer spreads across the following pages.  The number refers to how many contacts are on that list (the list count).

Order online for our best prices. Prices are:

35p per contact name for details of postal address, phone number and email address

25p per contact for phone number and email address.

Filtering by: mailing lists containing email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers
Click here for mailing lists containing email addresses and phone numbers.