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Mailing Lists of PLC Companies Listed On The London Stock Exchange

Lists of directors & senior managers working in PLCs - LSE-Quoted Companies

If your ideal marketing list features established, profitable companies with plans to grow and with investment behind them, take a look at these mailing lists of PLCs - public limited companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

The London Stock Exchange divides companies by market capitalisation which is the number of shares multiplied by the share price. The PLC companies with the largest market cap are known as the top 350. Companies outside this are known as smallcaps but although not the largest, they are equally good targets for your b2b marketing campaign.

The London Stock Exchange attracts listings from companies based outside the UK, particularly companies from Russia and Australia. These companies may be vast but their operations, often in mining and oil, are outside the UK along with their staff and decision-makers. They are not included on Electric Marketing's mailing lists.

Crucially the plc companies on these mailing lists have successfully raised investment and passed rigorous checks for compliance and risk, making them excellent targets for your next b2b marketing campaign.