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Why Use Us For Business Mailing Lists?

Our aim is to give you a relevant business list, full of meticulously researched, accurate information that allows you to target senior executives working in companies with serious budgets.

Electric Marketing is a research-led data company. Every contact on our mailing lists has been selected to be included because their company is of a significant size, has experienced rapid growth or is working in a dynamic market place.

Every contact has been selected because they hold a senior role, with a budget to match. We focus our data research on companies with more than 50 employees or with annual sales of over £15m.

We cannot offer you the biggest, cheapest mailing list; we aim to offer you a relevant list of contacts, full of diligently researched marketing information. No one wants to waste budget marketing to companies that have moved out, sending emails to executives who have moved on or contacting companies too small to make a buying decision. Our researched data allows you to focus your energies on senior business people working in companies with serious budgets.

Regularly verified b2b email lists

We verify our business lists twice a year by telephoning the companies and checking the information we hold directly with them. This means we genuinely have accurate lists of email addresses so that your message gets straight through to the decision maker.

Our greatest strength is our team of experienced telephone researchers and the expertise we have built up in 29 years of data research. Our researchers ask how names are spelt, check email addresses, hear the words ‘he’s left’ and immediately ask ‘who replaces him’; they pick up new names every day ensuring that our business lists contain new contacts that are not yet on any other mailing list.

We focus our list research on big-spending departments in companies: marketing, purchasing, IT, HR, training, sales, facilities, finance and of course, chief executives and managing directors. We also have niche lists of job titles which only exist in large companies, e.g. CSR managers, health and safety managers, advertising managers, direct marketing managers. You can find these under mailing lists by job titles.

As well as checking our business lists twice a year, we also monitor over 80 business websites. We look for senior business people who are changing jobs, new companies and growing businesses. We believe that it is newly-appointed people, young companies and expanding organisations who are most likely to respond to fresh ideas and an approach from a new supplier.

For more information on buying an Electric Marketing mailing list see the FAQs. And if you are having trouble sifting through all the lists on the site, then call 020 7419 7999 and speak to us directly with your requirements. We'll prepare a quote and give you a free sample of the data within 2 hours. Full terms & conditions are shown here.