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Mailing List of Legal Directors in the UK's Top 750 Companies

Compiled and updated for email marketing campaigns to legal directors

Buy This Mailing List To Target In-House Lawyers In Large Corporates

This mailing list details the names and email addresses of the most senior person responsible for legal affairs in the UK's largest 750 companies.

Job titles on this mailing list include legal director, general counsel, company solicitor, head of legal affairs and company secretary, but all contacts are senior decision makers who are likely to be able to sign off budgets and major projects.

All 750 companies on this mailing list have annual sales of over £30m. They are the largest operating companies in the UK with a senior manager specifically responsible for legal affairs. This mailing list does not feature legal firms.

To have a list of 750 in-house legal directors delivered to your inbox, order the list of Top 750 Legal Directors in UK companies here.