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Find New Clients Using Accurate Email Marketing Lists From Electric Marketing

Win new business with mailing lists and email lists of HR directors, marketing directors, IT managers, finance directors or chief executives.

Data Cleansing, De-Duping and Appending Services

We know that you don't want to spend budget buying in contact names that you already have on your systems. Electric Marketing offers services to update and make the most of the mailing lists you currently have. We can refresh your old data, remove out of date information and add in new contacts.

How does it work?
You email over your data file. We run it against our up-to-date files and we send back a new file of corrected data.

What can we offer?
Electric Marketing offers a few de-duping and appending services:

1. Company Match - adding new names to your current list
You brief us on the type of contacts you want on your list eg marketing managers in banks. We can take your current list, run it against our list of marketing managers in banks and give you the names which are not already on your list. You only pay for the additional names.
Price 60p per contact (includes email addresses).

2. Verifying
If you want to be sure that your data is correct, we can run it against our data and give you back two files. The first file is of data we know to be correct, ready to use in your next campaign. The second file is of data that did not match our own and so may be incorrect. This gives you a smaller file of data that you can focus your resources on updating it.
Price 10p per matched and correct contact. Far cheaper than paying telemarketers to call and verify your data.

3. We can remove contacts who've left their job
We can run your mailing list against our Leavers Database of 200,000 contacts and remove any people on your list who we know to have left the company. You get back the corrected data plus the list of contacts we removed, so you know which of your target companies are now missing from your list.
Price £5 per 1,000 contacts on your database for one off service. Cheaper packages available for regular cleans.

For the above basic services, there is currently no set-up fee. You only pay the per contact prices outlined above.

What should you do next?
Phone us on 020 7419 7999 or send Electric Marketing an email with a rough idea of your requirements.

The Advanced Service - using our software and our human eyes 
The problem we face in not achieving perfect lists is that your old data might have out of date or incorrect company names. Without a match on a company name, deduping software cannot work to its maximum capacity. An example of a non-match is your database has M&S plc which does not match our Marks & Spencer plc. Without a match, the software does not see the two records as the same company and skips the record without making the correction or appending the data.

For a set up fee of £99 per 500 records, we will use our eyes as well as our software to clean your data. We will start by updating out of date company names (needs eyes), removing companies no longer trading (needs eyes), correcting spelling errors in company names (eyes again), and then running the dedupe software.

Correcting and updating records
Using the Advanced Service, we can update the company names, postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of the names on your list. We can't update all of the email addresses due to contacts opting out.
Price 50p per corrected record.

Important points to consider
a. We can do more with an ageing list that you originally bought from us. But we are happy to take on data compiled from other sources.

b. We are only using computers. No dedupe software can pick up every error that your own human eye can pick up. The question is, would you rather wade through the data yourself, or give the job to a computer?  A human eye will get you closer to your perfect list, but will take far more time and effort.

c. There is no such thing as the perfect list (even if you do the work yourself). If you are a perfectionist, use our de-duping service as a starting point and then spend time scrutinising the data yourself, making corrections and taking out people and companies that you do not wish to contact, before you use it.

d. For every service, you will have to release your data to us. You can't run our de-duping service in your own office. We are happy to sign our standard NDA agreement (non-disclosure agreement) if you are worried about this. If you think we might take your data and sell it on, please remember that Electric Marketing is a list owner, not a list broker. We only sell our own data and, great though it probably is, your data is your data and we have no interest in selling it.

What should you do next?
Phone or email Mischa Watson with a rough idea of your requirements. Call 020 7419 7999

Feeling overwhelmed with the options available? There is a shorter guide to de-deduping mailing lists on the Data Audit page