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Data Audit Service

A service to tidy up and make the most of the mailing lists you currently have, to save you the expense of buying a whole new set of data.

How does it work?
You email over your datafile. We run it against our database and we send back a new file of corrected data.

What can we offer?
Electric Marketing's Data Audit is a two stage process:

1. Verify the correct contacts in your database
We can run your datafile against Electric Marketing's database of 80,000 contacts and verify which contacts are correct. We will tell you how many are definitely correct in our free quote.

2. Additions - adding new names to your current database
You brief us on the type of contacts you want in your datafile eg marketing managers in banks. We can take your current data, run it against our list of marketing managers in banks and give you the names which you do not have. We will let you know how many extra names you could add to your database in our free quote.

To use the Data Audit Service, you will have to release your data to us. You can't run our data audit service in your own office. We are happy to sign our standard NDA agreement (non-disclosure agreement) if you are worried about this.

What should you do next?
Email your datafile to David Evans, t: 020 7419 7269. He will come back to you with a quote and once that is agreed, you will receive a new updated datafile.