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Find New Clients Using Accurate Email Marketing Lists From Electric Marketing

Win new business with mailing lists and email lists of HR directors, marketing directors, IT managers, finance directors or chief executives.

Specialist B2B lists

Taking Targeted B2B Marketing Campaigns Up A Level

Targeting your marketing campaign to companies using postcodes, industry sector and company size is good but sometimes you can go further.

Electric Marketing's specialist mailing lists aim to target companies by their culture and corporate outlook not just their size and sector. Looking at the sort of 'corporate clubs' a company joins tells us how a company views itself and which elements of its culture it wants to show to the public.

For example companies who sign up to the Living Wage Foundation are likely to prize their corporate ethics and companies who have embraced the new Apprenticeship Levy are committed to high standards of training and employee development.

Armed with this knowledge, you can tilt your pitch to be in line with your target company's outlook. Take a look at the specialist mailing lists selections we offer and see how you can make really targeted marketing work for you.