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Buy A Responsive Email Marketing List From Electric Marketing

You can Find your next new client on a mailing list of HR directors, marketing directors, IT managers, finance directors or chief executives.

List Research Services

Can't find the mailing list your business needs? You can commission Electric Marketing to research the mailing list for you

Electric Marketing's research team is available to research specific mailing lists for clients. We will identify company addresses and phone numbers, call companies, find the name of the person responsible for buying your product or service within the company and input the data into an Excel file for you.

Before we start the project, we'll test the feasibility of the job by researching five names free of charge.

Why not draw up a list of the clients you would like to have and let us research the names and email addresses of the people to contact in those companies?

You can either give us a list of specific companies you wish to target or you can describe the type of companies you want on your list e.g. financial services, retailers, mobile technology companies. Then just specify the job title you require or the responsibilities of the person you wish to target.

Previous projects have included:

  • List of managers responsible for HR in small charities in Scotland
  • Financial Services - mailing list of tax managers in companies specified by the client
  • List of people responsible for health & safety in companies specified by client (even if they do not have the specific job title health & safety)
  • Education - email list of assessment and exams managers in universities and colleges
  • Food Manufacturing - all contacts in transport and logistics in three specific food manufacturers

Our list research service is used by:

  • Marketers targeting job functions which only exist in the largest of companies e.g. business travel manager, investor relations manager
  • Marketers looking for a job function which only exists in specific industries and so is not generally available from list brokers e.g. merchandisers in retail, chief investment officers in banks, exams manager in education
  • Marketers looking for people with 2020s job titles which are not yet available from list suppliers e.g. ESG managers, net zero managers, social impact managers, growth directors
  • Marketers running account-based marketing campaigns who are looking for a high number of contacts at a handful of companies
  • Marketers looking to fill the gaps in their current database of leads and prospects.

We are limited to researching companies in the UK. Prices start at £3.50 per contact name.

You can see from our previous projects that we can research non-standard lists which cannot be bought from any mailing list company or list broker. So if you are hitting a brick wall searching for the data your project needs, get in touch.

To commission your specific mailing list or email list call Mischa Watson on 020 7419 7022. Or fill out this form.

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