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Find New Clients Using Accurate Email Marketing Lists From Electric Marketing

Win new business with mailing lists and email lists of HR directors, marketing directors, IT managers, finance directors or chief executives.


Advice On Data, Marketing and Data Protection

If you need to update your knowledge of data protection and the rules surrounding data and marketing, our industry body the Data & Marketing Association and also the public body the Information Commissioner's Office are good sources of advice and guidance.

Data & Marketing Association

Electric Marketing is a member of the DMA (formerly the Direct Marketing Association). To see how the industry is regulated and to find out more about direct marketing, visit this comprehensive site.


The Information Commissioner

The ICO is a public body which oversees all data regulation issues in the UK. The website is full of clear explanations of all the data protection issues with definitive advice on GDPR, email marketing, registering as a DPO and paying your data protection fee.


CTPS Corporate Telephone Preference Service

The CTPS aims to stop small businesses being inundated with telephone sales calls. Businesses can register their telephone numbers with the CTPS with the aim of cutting the sales calls they receive. Calls updating information and undertaking research are not covered. If you are making cold calls you need to check that the numbers you are calling have not registered with the CTPS. Businesses and public organisations ie schools, hospitals, government can register their phone numbers, in writing, with the CTPS. Telesales operators have one month from the date of registration to remove the phone numbers from their databases and stop calling them. Electric Marketing subscribes to the CTPS 'do not call list' and all our lists have the letters CTPS before a phone number that is on the 'do not call' register.


MPS Mailing Preference Service

This only applies to lists of home addresses and lists of partnerships and sole traders. Electric Marketing's mailing lists are strictly confined to lists of limited and public companies which are not included on the MPS. For this reason Electric Marketing lists are not screened against this suppression file.