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Corporate Telephone Preference Service

The Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) is a list of business phone numbers which have registered not to receive sales calls. As these businesses have registered telephone numbers on the 'do not call' list, you may not approach them with sales offers unless you have had some contact from that business previously. It is an offence to make sales calls to any of these numbers from 28 days after the company has registered the phone number. The maximum fine for making a sales call to these numbers is £5000.

All telephone numbers available from Electric Marketing are cleaned against the CTPS file. If a telephone number on the Electric Marketing database is registered with the CTPS the letters CTPS are shown before the telephone number.

For example: CTPS 020 7981 3000. 

We have left the telephone numbers on the database because, while cold-calling these numbers is not allowed, it is still permitted to call them for other reasons including for research purposes or to check information. It is still permitted to send these companies letters, brochures and emails.

We also offer a free CTPS Checker service where you can check that a number is not registered with the CTPS before phoning it and for large files of telephone numbers we offer a CTPS Screening Service.