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Electric Marketing's blog keeps you up to date with what's new in email marketing, current best practice in direct marketing and eMarketing, developments in the law surrounding email marketing plus details of new mailing lists and offers from Electric Marketing.

Tue, 21/06/2022
We all want a better response rate; higher open rates, more click throughs, more enquiries, more orders. There is no single magic bullet but all of the tips in this blog will nudge your response rate upwards. Personalise, Personalise, PersonaliseYour own name always jumps out of the screen at you Split your email marketing list into two; the emails which have a contact name and the emails which do not (those Info@ and hello@ type emails). You can use the contact names to personalise your emails. You can keep it simple by just using the name in the salutation eg Hi Robert. Or you can use the
Thu, 26/05/2022
How Has GDPR Really Changed B2B Email Marketing? GDPR has been with us for four years this month. Back in May 2018 we saw widespread confusion about GDPR along with predictions for the end of email marketing, career-ending fines and so much paperwork that it made email marketing unworkable. But to be fair to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the UK government, business-to-business marketing was given some clear opt outs of the most draconian aspects of GDPR. But these concessions did get lost in all the noise about the radical changes to marketing to consumers. Since May 2018 the
Thu, 12/05/2022
A well-written marketing email can make the difference between a campaign that flies or dies. Response rates are driven up by engaging copy, good ideas and a smart headline. But when business people receive so many emails and filter out anything that looks remotely spammy at a single glance, how can your marketing email avoid the deleted items box before it has been properly read? Here are some common mistakes landing in my inbox. Hi Friend - Personalise, Personalise, Personalise. It is worth taking the time to personalise your email. If your marketing email list data is incomplete and you
Tue, 29/03/2022
But Don't Want To Buy The Same List That You Bought Last Year? If you are looking to improve the strike rate of your email marketing but don't want to go down the route of buying a whole new data set, Electric Marketing has options for you. Our mailing lists updating services mean that you will not pay full price for marketing data that you already have on your system. We have three main routes to updating your lists; you can go down one, two or all three routes, depending on how thoroughly you wish to clean your lists. Option One: The easiest and most popular route. You can have more of the
Wed, 09/03/2022
There are few workplaces which have not been affected by the trend in 2020-2021 to leave a job to find something better. Whether that meant a step up in the same industry, going part-time, retiring or completely changing careers, companies have been left with big recruitment bills to fill the gaps left by departing employees. Electric Marketing has been monitoring the corporate changes wrought by the upheavals of 2020-2021; our mailing lists are keeping pace with the changes in key managers and company directors. We are finding the new addresses of companies moving to smaller premises as staff
Fri, 19/02/2021
Millennials Want To Book In For A Phone Call Generation Z Wouldn't Think Of Emailing A Mate There is a move away from using the phone to call in to a company to ask a quick question. Some business executives look to book an appointment for a five minute phone call. Are automated call systems used by large companies driving this? Quite possibly. You know this won't be a short call when you hear the line 'Your call is important to us. Please wait'. There is a growing perception, among Millennials and Generation Z, that email is formal and for business only. Certainly business-to-business email
Mon, 16/11/2020
Which Questions Should You Be Asking Your B2B Data Supplier? In 2020 the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) took enforcement action against credit reference giant Experian. After a two year investigation, the ICO could have fined Experian heavily but instead it opted for a polite request that Experian tackle its compliance issues. Proof that the ICO is not the ogre that jobbing data protection experts often allege. But the ICO used the announcement to spread the word that if you buy in data, you need to do your own due diligence and make sure that the mailing list you are buying complies
Thu, 05/11/2020
Remote Working Increases Workload For IT Managers As the government re-introduces lockdown and rules that everyone must 'work from home if you can do so effectively', IT is coming into sharp focus again. Companies who started the pandemic with IT shakily set up for remote working are now looking at permanent fixes and more sophisticated solutions. IT teams are no doubt busy as Europe looks set to be stuck indoors until 2021. Busy IT teams are more likely to outsource work and buy in services when they are under pressure and now could be a good time to approach IT directors with your pitch
Thu, 03/09/2020
Lockdown Has Given The Nation Time To Think And Lots Of Us Want To Change The Way We Work The UK is heaving itself out of lock down; workplaces are ready with desk dividers, one-way systems and sanitiser gel at every entry point. Health & safety, facilities and environment budgets rocketed over the summer to prepare for this moment. Now the focus has shifted; employers are encouraging staff to come back to work and looking to HR managers, internal communications and reward managers to manage the return. But for every person who is keen to get back to normal and go into the office, there are
Tue, 26/05/2020
49% of people are working from home during the coronavirus crisis. And you can reach them using email marketing. I don't think anyone thought that we'd all still be locked out of our workplaces in early 2021 when the government first announced that the pubs were closing and everyone was to Stay At Home. But nine months later, businesses, who maybe thought that they could ride out a few weeks of shutdown, are having to look for new ways to reach their target market. Telephone marketing is limited as so many companies have closed their receptions or have security staff manning the phones. Direct