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How Does The Great Resignation Impact Your B2B Email Marketing?

Wed, 09/03/2022

There are few workplaces which have not been affected by the trend in 2020-2021 to leave a job to find something better. Whether that meant a step up in the same industry, going part-time, retiring or completely changing careers, companies have been left with big recruitment bills to fill the gaps left by departing employees.

Electric Marketing has been monitoring the corporate changes wrought by the upheavals of 2020-2021; our mailing lists are keeping pace with the changes in key managers and company directors. We are finding the new addresses of companies moving to smaller premises as staff choose to work from home. We are keeping up with the changing phone numbers. And of course, we are tracking all the merger and takeover activity which drives corporate name changes and many email address changes too.

All the changes wrought by the pandemic in terms of staff moves, office moves and mergers/acquisitions impact your business-to-business email marketing data. The more people switch jobs, the more of your marketing emails fail to find their target and bounce back to you.

If you have noticed your email bounce back rates rising and your response rates falling off a little this year, take a look at when you last updated your email marketing lists, sales leads and prospect lists. Refreshing your data can solve these issues.

Why not give Electric Marketing a call on 020 7419 7999 to find out how we can clean up your mailing lists, identify the people who are no longer in post and give you an up-to-date mailing list with correct email addresses.

Let us bring you up to date again.