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Business Communication Is Changing

Fri, 19/02/2021

Millennials Want To Book In For A Phone Call

Generation Z Wouldn't Think Of Emailing A Mate

There is a move away from using the phone to call in to a company to ask a quick question.

Some business executives look to book an appointment for a five minute phone call. Are automated call systems used by large companies driving this? Quite possibly. You know this won't be a short call when you hear the line 'Your call is important to us. Please wait'.

There is a growing perception, among Millennials and Generation Z, that email is formal and for business only. Certainly business-to-business email marketing has seen an uptick during the successive lock downs of the past year. Some under-25s will only check their inbox if they are expecting an important email to arrive. They do use email for business and also make contact over business social media, but with friends, the under-35s use Snap, Insta or maybe WhatsApp. All of which pop up on your phone and demand your instant attention.

New generations bring in new ways of working so Electric Marketing has installed live chat on our website.

You can ask a question on live chat and get an instant answer. How is this marketing data researched? I need a copy of my invoice? How will my b2b data be delivered? Do you have a mailing list of . . .?

We appreciate that with over 5,000 b2b mailing lists on the Electric Marketing website, you cannot always instantly find the mailing list data that you need. Just type your data requirements into the chat box and we'll reply either with a link to the product on the website or an offer of a bespoke quote (we'll need your email address for a mailing list quote). If we do not have suitable data, we'll usually be able to offer some advice on where to go to find it.

Even in lock down, Electric Marketing is ready to answer the phone and to respond to emails quickly; we understand that, however young you are, when you call us, you want a speedy answer.