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Are Your Prospect Mailing Lists GDPR Compliant?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. A key change for companies marketing to other businesses is that data must be current. If you have 'legacy data' which has not been updated for more than 12 months, the new legislation requires you to keep it up-to-date.

Electric Marketing can help you get your old data in shape, with these services:

1. We can remove contacts who have definitely left their job
By running your data against our Leavers Database suppression file of 186,000 contacts, we can remove any people on your list whom we know to have left their role. You get back the corrected data file plus the list of contacts we removed, so you know which of your target companies are now missing from your list.
Price 5p per removed contact.

2. Verifying
To confirm that your data is correct, we can run it against our file of regularly updated data and give you back two files. The first file is of data we know to be correct; the second file is of data that did not match our own and so may be incorrect. This gives you a smaller file of data that you can check by phone to update it.
Price 10p per matched and correct contact. Far cheaper than phone calls to verify your data.

3. Updating By Phone After removing the known incorrect contacts and confirming the correct contacts, you will likely be left with a rump of unknown contacts. You can either delete this data and buy fresh data OR if these contacts are people who have real value to your business, you can check the data with a phone call. Electric Marketing has a team of data verifiers who can phone your list for £2 per contact. If you do not have the contact's telephone number, we can research that for you (extra 50p per contact).

4. Complete file update
You can order updates for an extra 20% of the purchase price at the time of ordering your mailing lists. We will email you three quarterly updates of your list so that your data remains up-to-date for the coming year and complies with the new standards for keeping data current set by GDPR.

For the above basic services, there is currently no set-up fee. You only pay the per contact prices outlined above.

What should you do next?
You can mail Katie Parker-List with a rough idea of your requirements. Or call Katie on 020 7419 7014 to talk it through.

For every service, you will have to release your data to us. We are happy to sign our standard NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or to complete your Data Processing Agreement.