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Thu, 03/09/2020
Lockdown Has Given The Nation Time To Think And Lots Of Us Want To Change The Way We Work The UK is heaving itself out of lock down; workplaces are ready with desk dividers, one-way systems and sanitiser gel at every entry point. Health & safety, facilities and environment budgets rocketed over the summer to prepare for this moment. Now the focus has shifted; employers are encouraging staff to come back to work and looking to HR managers, internal communications and reward managers to manage the return. But for every person who is keen to get back to normal and go into the office, there are
Tue, 26/05/2020
49% of people are working from home during the coronavirus crisis. And you can reach them using email marketing. I don't think anyone thought that we'd all still be locked out of our workplaces in late May, when the government first announced that the pubs were closing and everyone was to Stay At Home. But nine weeks later, businesses, who maybe thought that they could ride out a few weeks of shutdown, are having to look for new ways to reach their target market. Telephone marketing is limited as so many companies have closed their receptions or have security staff manning the phones. Direct
Tue, 18/02/2020
Despite all the publicity generated by the introduction of GDPR, there is still a lot of confusion over the rules for using mailing lists and email lists for direct marketing in the UK. This brief guide aims to dispel a few myths and clarify what marketers can and cannot do in the post-GDPR UK. Business-to-business marketing: the marketing of business services or business products to people at work. Emails You can send promotional emails to corporate email addresses. This includes personal corporate email addresses e.g. You do not need consent or opt-ins to be able
Wed, 12/02/2020
If, like me, you have trialled a few email marketing software providers, you are probably familiar with the pros and cons: on the plus side, the software can manage your bounce backs and unsubscribes and gives you great numbers on engagement and open-rates. On the minus side, many of the market leaders will not allow you to upload bought-in mailing lists to their system. They fear that you may upload a cheapo list that will do serious damage to their white-listed IP addresses and servers. You may be asked to tick a box to agree to upload only your own data or data that is ‘opt-in’. But GDPR
Wed, 22/01/2020
Electric Marketing Upgrades Business Mailing Lists Website For 2020 Electric Marketing is kicking off the 2020s with a refreshed and updated website, designed to make it easier for you to find the mailing lists your business needs. We've improved the search function; just hit the button Browse Lists in the centre of the home page and turn your attention to the right-hand column marked Filter Products. You can choose to see mailing lists which feature postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers (35p per contact name) ORemail addresses and phone numbers (25p per contact name) If you are
Thu, 10/10/2019
Electric Marketing’s New Marketing Appointments service is 28 years old and we are preparing Marketing Appointments issue number 337 this month. Why has this business list product lasted so long? Is it that amidst the supercharged technological change of the last 30 years, the old saying that a new broom sweeps clean still holds. A new manager with a new job will likely kick off by hiring some new suppliers. Whether it’s a marketing manager looking to revitalise the advertising campaign (hires new ad agency) or an HR director looking to recruit new talent (uses new executive search firm)
Fri, 28/12/2018
While the Information Commissioner's Office has given b2b marketers guidance on interpreting GDPR, it is up to email and digital marketers to put the guidance into practice. Electric Marketing and all readers of this blog know that we must inform data subjects that they are included on our mailing lists, that they must be given an opportunity to opt out and that we must make our (compliant) privacy policy easily available. But there is no standard template on how marketers communicate this. So far, we all agree that it goes right at the end of the email and definitely beneath the call to
Fri, 30/11/2018
The market for business mailing data and email marketing lists changed after May 2018. Marketing departments stepped back from buying cold email and mailing data for fear of tripping up over the new GDPR regulation. But social media, blogs and vlogs do not pull in direct sales in quite the same way as email marketing. Marketing teams selling in to businesses are getting to know GDPR and looking beyond the scary headlines of last summer to discover that for b2b marketing, GDPR does not mean the end of great email marketing campaigns. But there is a check list of key changes to run through
Mon, 20/08/2018
Now that we are all getting used to GDPR, you have probably seen mailing lists advertised with the reassuring words "GDPR Compliant Data". But what does it mean for b2b mailing list data to be GDPR compliant? The mailing list has to be current and up-to-date. The new General Data Protection Regulation does not define 'current'. Electric Marketing is taking the view that our mailing lists, verified by telephone two or three times a year, qualify as being current. If the mailing list contains personal information, and names and company email addresses which contain a person's name do count as
Fri, 10/08/2018
Have You Invested In an eMailing List which is GDPR Compliant? Have you remembered to change your email sign offs and to put links to your privacy policy and legitimate interests assesment in your marketing emails? After the deluge of permissioning emails around GDPR, many people are acutely aware of which emails they have signed up to receive and which requests for permission they denied or ignored. This means that slack marketers can no longer rely on the short memory of a target by writing something like this: "You are receiving this email as you have subscribed in the past to receive