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Find New Clients Using Accurate Email Marketing Lists From Electric Marketing

Win new business with mailing lists and email lists of HR directors, marketing directors, IT managers, finance directors or chief executives.

Mailing lists and email lists of eBusiness, eCommerce, digital marketing and online managers

We offer mailing lists and email lists of digital, online and eBusiness professionals in the UK with the job titles:

  • digital directors & managers
  • eCommerce manager
  • eBusiness manager
  • digital marketing manager
  • eMarketing manager

Click here to see the companies typically included in these digital mailing lists.

You can see details of Electric Marketing's Digital Marketing Database here. Or maybe you are looking for digital marketing managers in the top 350 companies or fast growing companies?

You can buy small sections of our digital marketing database as we can split the lists for you by industry sector, or region/postcode. Or you can buy a mailing list of digital marketing managers in SMEs, large or very large companies. You can buy as much or as little data as you need as there is no minimum order.

For a list count that involves industry sector, postcodes, company size or combines any of these criteria, give us a call 020 7419 7999.

We have details of annual turnover and number of employees for over half of our digital and eBusiness database. These details are included free of charge.

Our business lists are researched by telephone, online research and desk research. We check the digital marketing lists regularly to ensure that our eBusiness and online managers database is accurate and can get the response your b2b email and marketing communications deserve.

Moreover, our mailing lists of digital managers and directors contain just that, no web designers or editors. Just the senior people, the people most likely to be responsible for the digital budget.

Mailing lists and email lists from Electric Marketing are an ideal source of data for lead generation, email marketing and telemarketing.

Our database of named company directors and managers offers you:

Quality: our lists are current - 'gone aways' are rare.

Value: prices start at 30p per contact and all contacts are named, with correct postcodes and come with phone numbers and website addresses. There is no minimum order.

Or you can buy a mailing list of the eBusiness and eCommerce managers in the UK's Top 750 Companies.

Service: if you can't find what you want on the site, send us an email or phone us and we'll get back to you with a free quote, within the hour.

Delivery: Please order on the website for the best prices. We'll deliver your list within 4 hours and delivery is FREE. You will be sent an email with a link to a secure site where you can download your digital mailing list. Data is in an Excel spreadsheet format.

If you have not used our mailing lists and email lists before, why not call us for a chat on 020 7419 7999. Or see here for more mailing lists information.