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Mailing lists and email addresses of Managing Directors & Chief Executives

We offer mailing lists of directors and senior managers in the UK with the job titles:

  • managing director
  • chairman
  • president
  • vice-president
  • chief executive
  • chief executive officer
  • chief operating officer
  • operations director
  • purchasing director
  • logistics director

Our business mailing lists are researched by telephone. We check the lists of company directors every 180 days (more than any other UK list owner) to ensure that our database is accurate and that our data can get the response your mailing and email campaigns deserve.

A mailing list from Electric Marketing is an ideal source of sales leads and telemarketing leads.

Our database of company directors and senior managers offers you:

Quality: our lists are current - 'gone aways' are rare. We offer refunds for email addresses which bounce back to you ('hard' bounce backs ie where the email address we supplied is wrong, only)

Value: prices start at 25p per contact and all contacts are named, postcoded and come with phone numbers. There is no minimum order.

You can buy a mailing list with email addresses of the chief executives of the largest 1,000 companies in the UK

Service: if you can't find the mailing lists you need on the site, send us an email or phone us and we'll get back to you with a quote, within a few hours.

Compliance: we have sent every contact on our mailing lists an email to let them know that they are included on the list and give them the opportunity to remove themselves. This complies with GDPR's Right To Be Informed. Data subjects are contacted on the basis of Legitimate Interests. Data has been collected and stored in compliance with GDPR. As members of the DMA, we comply wholly with GDPR.

Delivery: you can order on the site or by phone. We'll deliver your mailing lists within 4 hours and delivery is FREE.

You can split our corporate database by industry, region, job title or size of company.

To see how many company director contacts we have, go to the mailing lists by job title page. The list counts on these pages are updated daily.

To see how many contacts we have by region, go to the mailing lists by by region page.

Click here to see how many managing director and chief executive contacts we have in selected industries

To see our lists ordered by company turnover or employee size, go to the mailing lists by by company size page page.

For a list count that combines any of these criteria, give us a call 020 7419 7999.

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