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Find New Clients Using Accurate Email Marketing Lists From Electric Marketing

Win new business with mailing lists and email lists of HR directors, marketing directors, IT managers, finance directors or chief executives.

Mailing lists by industry

You can define your target market by job title combined with industry sector, e.g. a mailing list of marketing directors in banks or an email list of HR managers in retail. Take a look at these mailing lists by industry sector. Just click on your target job title below and the next page will give you a list of industries and detailed counts and prices for contacts with that job title.

140 Industries And Business Sectors To Choose From

Alternatively, come at it from the other direction; take a look at contact lists by industry and browse a list of 140 industry sectors. Click on an industry sector to see the lists, sorted by job title or corporate function, available for each industry sector.

Our mailing lists are curated and all contacts on these lists are director, c-suite and senior manager level. Our aim is to give you a mailing list of decision makers and potential purchasers. 

Electric Marketing's mailing lists are regularly updated and are fully compliant with GDPR.

You can see examples of the companies included on our mailing lists here, sector by sector.

If you can't find the sector that you are looking for, please send us an email, start a conversation on the web chat or call us on 020 7419 7999. Very often we have the companies that you are looking to contact but they just need re-classifying to meet your data brief.

And if you have a list of target companies which do not easily fit into our industry sectors, please send us your list and we can populate it with contacts and email addresses with a Company Match.