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Looking For A Client Who Is The Next Big Thing?

Sun, 05/03/2017

Mailing Lists Of Innovative & Disruptive Companies

Our new mailing lists feature companies who are pioneers in their field: young, ambitious start-ups, companies with an invention to bring to market and companies with new ways of working.

Why go after these companies? Apart from the excitement of working with innovative, passionate teams? Apart from being in at the beginning with a future star and all the financial rewards that could bring?

Many of these companies are, at present, operating under the radar of your competitors. They are not on the lists that everyone else is using. And so they are not fielding approaches from your rivals every week.

We've called them 'innovators and disruptors'. They are not the easiest people to contact: many of them don't have a budget for a receptionist to pick up the phone, their postal address isn't on their website and the best way to contact them can be email or social media.

But if you are targeting companies which break the mould, expect a corporate culture which bends towards non-conformist.

We've compiled these lists by tracking press reports, articles on 'ones-to-watch' and top 20 innovators tables.

We have excluded the really early days companies who are still renting desks in a hub or incubator with only mobile numbers to contact them. These companies are still refining their offer and do not yet have budgets for services of a typical Electric Marketing client.

The mailing lists of disruptors and innovators identify companies with significant investment behind them or have already secured a client-base, and are now building teams and a future as a serious player in their field.

If you are looking for new clients who could bring you big rewards in the future, take a look at these business mailing lists.