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Happy New Year! Electric Marketing's Ten Special Offers For January 2021 Are Now Available. Ten Selected Mailing Lists On Offer At 20% Discount.

Mailing List of Chief Executives in the Second Tier of UK Top Companies

Not the Top 1,000 Companies, But The Second 1,000, ie Companies Ranked 1,001-2,000

One contact in each company, so 1,000 CEOs & Managing Directors with postal & email addresses

Marketing successfully to the UK's top 1,000 companies? Need to contact more CEOs with sizeable budgets? Make this mailing list of CEOs in the second largest 1,000 companies the focus of your next marketing campaign.

Our list of the second tier of companies ie companies ranked just outside the UK's top 1,000, features chief executives in companies with annual sales of between £50m-£170m. This level of turnover assures you that companies have budget to spend and make good targets for your marketing campaigns.

Companies on this list include ASK Restaurants, Accor UK, Admiral Taverns, ArcelorMittal SSC, Aunt Bessie's, Austin Reed and AutoWindscreens.