Information Commissioner promises new post-Brexit UK data protection laws

The uncertainty over the future of the UK’s data protection laws looks set to continue.

In her first speech in her five-year term as Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham has acknowledged that when the UK leaves the EU in 2019 or later, there will need to be new UK data protection legislation.

One thing that is certain is that the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply to all EU member states from 25 May 2018. All UK companies that wish to do business in the EU after that date will need to comply with GDPR.

However Denham says that it is up to the UK Government to decide what data protection rules apply to companies that only operate in the UK ‘both in that middle period from May 2018 to whenever the UK formally leaves the EU, and beyond’.

She adds ‘We’d all like a concrete answer about the specific outlines of post-Brexit data protection law. We know businesses don’t generally like uncertainty. But in the end, it’s Government that will have to decide’.

Denham says that she is in active discussions with ministers and senior government officials on post-Brexit UK data protection legislation, which she believes should be ‘developed on an evolutionary basis, to provide a degree of stability and clear regulatory messages for data controllers and the public’.

Let’s hope the Government consults with all interested parties, including the direct marketing industry, to ensure that the new data protection legislation is sensible and workable.

After all, whatever else Brexit may mean, it must mean an end to excessive bureaucracy if the British economy is to thrive in the coming years.

What Does A Falling £ Mean For B2B Marketers?

Following the events of last summer, the Pound crashed against the US Dollar to a 30 year low. The UK’s manufactured goods and services are falling in price for shoppers in the EU and across the world.

It follows that UK companies which export are set for a few years of strong sales growth. With growth comes new opportunities for b2b marketers to sell into these exporters as they gear up for expansion by investing in recruitment and training, marketing, market research into international markets, IT, international financial services and many other corporate services.

While many UK corporates are now drawing up plans to increase their exports, there are some companies which are ahead of the game. Electric Marketing has compiled new b2b mailing lists of companies which grew their exports by more than 10% last year. These companies are already showing strong sales growth and the new economic environment of a low pound and Brexit can only improve their prospects.

B2B marketers can buy data on fast-growing exporters in the knowledge that these target companies have insulated themselves against the chilly effects of Brexit and whatever the UK economy has in store for us.