Email Marketing To Corporate Sponsors of Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games

It’s hard to ignore the international events in the sporting calendar this summer. Football, rugby, cricket and the biggest of them all, the Olympic Games.  Although sponsoring the Olympics requires budgets that only the multi-nationals can muster; there are different levels of sponsorship so that the host country’s major companies can benefit from worldwide exposure.

At the top of the budgetary tree there are ‘worldwide Olympic partners’: the truly global megabrands who sponsor the Olympic Games every time it comes round: Atos, Bridgestone, Coca-Cola, Dow, GE, McDonalds, Omega, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Visa.

The second tier are ‘official sponsors of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games’. These are big brands in Brazil: the bank Bradesco and its insurance arm Bradesco Seguros; Brazil’s state owned postal service Correios; Brazil’s large internet and phone provider NET; mobile operator CLARO; telecom operator Embratel (part of the same America Movil group as CLARO) and finally, a familiar name, Nissan.

Next up are the ten ‘official supporters’ of the games; the only companies with a presence in the UK on this list are EY and Cisco. Others include Aliansce Shopping Centres, Estacio, Globo, Sadia, Qualy, Skql, Latam Airlines and 361.

After that 30 ‘official suppliers’ to the Rio Olympics; Airbnb, C&A, Eventim, Karcher, Microsoft, Nike, Nielsen, Symantec are in this division.

Of course every team has its own set of sponsors; Team GB has ‘official partners’ in Adidas, Aldi, BP, Deloitte, DFS, Fitness First, Kellogg’s, Muller and Nissan. Official suppliers to Team GB are Jet Set Sports, Krow Communications,  Ocean Outdoor and Simon Jersey.

We’ve put all of these generous sponsors together in a series of mailing lists, divided as always by job title. Our thinking is that these sponsors have allocated big budgets to be spent during the Games and have a limited time in which to spend them. A targeted approach at the right time could see a small chunk of that budget heading your way.

The Olympic fortnight starts on Friday 5 August, followed by the Paralympic Games running from 7-19 September.


B2B Marketing To Corporate Sponsors In The Summer Of Sport

Summer of sport has begun with European Football, next week it’s Wimbledon and the Rio Olympics starts on 5 August. Hundreds of companies have paid to sponsor the events, the teams and the players.

But if you haven’t paid to be an official sponsor, beware of trying to associate your brand with sporting events. Firstly, the sporting event brands themselves police sponsorship very closely; the chicken shop in Stratford that rebranded itself Olympic Chicken in 2012 was short-lived.

Secondly, avoid tortuous connections in your email marketing. The eshot that begun ‘With Valentines Day fast-approaching, now is the perfect time to buy a new toner cartridge’ was mocked and swiftly deleted. Not many b2b companies can claim a real connection to a big sporting event so it might be best to leave that to consumer brands. This is the time to be in takeaway pizzas and big TVs.

Electric Marketing was asked for mailing lists of the companies who are official sponsors of international sporting events. It follows that if there is a sponsorship budget for the European Football, there must be a big marketing and promotions budget surrounding it. If you can make this work for you, we now have lists of sports sponsors.

There are different levels of corporate sponsorship; the ten global sponsors of the UEFA 2016 football championship are Adidas, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Continental Tyres, Hisense (Chinese electronics giant), Hyundai-Kia, McDonald’s, Orange, SOCAR and Turkish Airlines.

Although national teams are not permitted to display sponsors’ logos on their shirts, Vauxhall sponsors England, Northern Ireland and Wales national teams. The England team have an official supermarket sponsor (Lidl), their suits come from sponsors Marks & Spencer and Panini is the official sticker provider. There are many more companies involved in sponsoring the teams in the Euro 16 Football and still more in the Rio Olympics.

These sponsors will have allocated big budgets to be spent during these events and have a very limited time in which to spend them. The right approach at the right time could see a small chunk of that budget heading your way.

To access the mailing lists of companies actively involved in the business side of this summer’s sports, see our website page dedicated to mailing lists of UK sports sponsors.