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Electric Marketing's blog keeps you up to date with what's new in email marketing, current best practice in direct marketing and eMarketing, developments in the law surrounding email marketing plus details of new mailing lists and offers from Electric Marketing.

Wed, 08/04/2015
How should you define the largest companies in the UK? By annual sales? By numbers of staff? Or do you go by the London Stock Exchange definition and buy a mailing list of the FTSE 100? How you define your top 100 companies should depend on who you are contacting within the company and the product you are marketing. If you are targeting marketing directors, finance directors and CEOs, choose a list of the companies with the highest annual sales; generally speaking, the higher the turnover, the larger the purchasing budget. But if you are selling to the HR, training, facilities or IT
Thu, 26/03/2015
We are occasionally, (OK once a week), asked to supply an impossible mailing list. * 500 employee relations managers in Norfolk * all the companies in Somerset which employ more than 2,000 people * 1,000 marketing directors in Weybridge These lists cannot exist, because there are areas of the UK where industry is concentrated and other areas where there are a handful of large companies. And it is only large companies which employ people with job titles such as employee relations manager and marketing director. When you are considering how many companies make up your target market, bear in mind
Mon, 16/03/2015
When you’re thinking of buying a mailing list, the first criterion is usually type of company – legal firms, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, retailers. Then you might think geography – UK wide or local? And then obviously you want to target a decision-maker so you may choose managing director/someone senior. But you can really target your list (and therefore pay less for it by buying less data) by considering the most likely job title your target will have. If you email the managing director, you assume that he will pass your information down to the relevant person in the company
Tue, 10/03/2015
Now that it's common practice for email list suppliers to offer money-back guarantees on emails which do not reach the target's inbox, you might find yourself sifting through returned emails, wondering what sort of bounce back will get a refund and what the mailing list company will refuse. Here are Electric Marketing's definitions: Hard Bounce - you have the wrong email address. Check the spelling of the person's name, the company name, that the address has an @ and a proper ending. It is easy to type .con instead of .com. Or the person has changed their email or left the company. If you have
Mon, 09/02/2015
Your best performing list in email marketing is your client list and second to that is your list of enquirers and people who have shown an interest in the recent past. But if you are looking for new business and a list of prospects is not readily available from a mailing list supplier, you might research the information yourself. We've been researching business mailing lists for 25 years and while we'll happily take on list research projects to your specification, we've compiled our top ten tips for mailing list research. 1. Start by compiling a list of companies you wish to target. If you're
Fri, 09/01/2015
Electric Marketing is always busy in January as UK plc’s marketing team schleps back to work, grabs a coffee and makes itself comfortable in the office. This week our time-pressed clients, usually marketing managers, have been taking advantage of our two-hour turnaround promise for quotes for mailing and email lists. We’re always surprised when clients are surprised that we can get a quote out so quickly and we’ve compiled the top five questions you ask the data sales team. 1 How soon will you get back to me? We can get a quote for a mailing list to you within two hours. It will have a small
Wed, 03/12/2014
With the EU eager to ring the death knell for one-to-one marketing and bloggers on the web shouting that cold emailing doesn't work, we look at new ways to cut through the information overload and reach the unresponsive corporate executive. Post is too expensive, no one takes telesales calls anymore and gmail-type filters put all your cold email shots into the 'cold email shot' file which your target corporate executive never opens. How can you get your message in front of your target - the senior executive with a serious corporate budget? LinkedIn The bad news: people exaggerate on LinkedIn
Thu, 27/11/2014
Trigger marketing or event-driven marketing usually refers to consumer marketing but by focusing on key moments in a company's life, you can use trigger-marketing in marketing to business. You can increase your sales by contacting companies when they are likely to be hiring new suppliers. The hiring of a chief executive can mark the start of a new chapter in a corporate’s life. A new chief executive is expected to make changes to the way things are done at a company but the saying that 'a new broom sweeps clean' also applies to departmental directors and managers heading up teams. In many
Mon, 24/11/2014
We are following the progress of the proposed EU Regulation on Data Protection very closely. While the MEPs voted overwhelmingly for a set of proposals which would outlaw list broking, cold telemarketing and cold mailing to named contacts, the Ministers of Justice & Home Affairs from each of the 27 EU nations are taking a more business-friendly, risk-based approach. They met on 10 October to agree their own set of proposals. They will meet again in January 2015 to try to reach agreement on the issue of the 'right to be forgotten'. When the Ministers of Justice & Home Affairs have reached
Tue, 30/09/2014
We’ve been lobbying against the proposed new EU data protection legislation for getting on for two years now. Earlier in 2014 the EU Parliament agreed a piece of draconian legislation that would outlaw list broking, insist on written consent for all marketing communications sent to a named person, with no distinction between b2b and b2c, and effectively finish off personalised marketing to anyone other than your recent customers. If that legislation were enacted it would mean the end of direct marketing as we know it. We will return to the days of writing to Dear Marketing Manager or Dear