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Top 5 Questions You Ask Electric Marketing

Fri, 09/01/2015

Electric Marketing is always busy in January as UK plc’s marketing team schleps back to work, grabs a coffee and makes itself comfortable in the office.

This week our time-pressed clients, usually marketing managers, have been taking advantage of our two-hour turnaround promise for quotes for mailing and email lists.

We’re always surprised when clients are surprised that we can get a quote out so quickly and we’ve compiled the top five questions you ask the data sales team.

1 How soon will you get back to me?
We can get a quote for a mailing list to you within two hours. It will have a small sample of the data you asked for attached. If you place an order, we aim to email your mailing list to you within two hours. If you need your marketing data sooner, mention this when you order or drop us an email.

2 What is the source of Electric Marketing's mailing lists and email lists?

Electric Marketing is a research-led data company.  Every contact on our mailing lists has been selected to be included because their company is of a significant size and because the contact holds a senior role.  We focus our data research on companies with more than 50 employees or with annual sales of over £15m.

We carry out desk research, by monitoring business websites and reading trade magazines and business media.  We look for news of people taking up new roles with specific responsibilities for corporate budgets that our clients want a share of.

Then we telephone the companies we have found, confirm that the contact has that job title in that department and check the address, email address and phone number for the contact.

Then we add the contact to the Electric Marketing Database.

It is a labour-intensive process but it means that if you buy a mailing list or email list from Electric Marketing, you are buying a list of relevant prospects in organisations which have budgets to spend.

3 How do I know Electric Marketing data is accurate?

No matter what you are buying, it is always a leap of faith to use a new supplier.  Google the words mailing list or email list and every company seems to be making the same promises.

Electric Marketing has compiled a mailing list of 80,000 business contacts over the course of 23 years. We update the entire marketing database, by phone every four months.

We have a team of trained, experienced telephone researchers in house who phone the 80,000 business contacts to check for changes in their name, job title, phone number, email address or mailing address.

Because the contacts on our mailing lists are high-level decision makers, we speak to the people working around them to check the information. PAs, office managers and receptionists are our best sources of current information. If the receptionist says ‘I don’t know, I’m a temp’, we call back another day to update our records.

4 Can I just buy a small chunk of your marketing data?

Yes. We may have 80,000 contacts but no one wants all of it.

You can select your chunk of data by:

* job title ie just the IT Managers but not the IT Directors

* postcodes ie just Manchester postcodes, not the entire North West

* industry sector ie Finance Directors in banks or Marketing Managers in pharmaceuticals

* company size ie HR Managers in companies with more than 500 employees

And you can combine any of these criteria, so you could buy a list of finance directors in banks in London or IT managers in legal firms with more than 100 employees.

We have always had a firm policy of no minimum order for data; just buy what you need and use it quickly, before it goes out of date.

5 Can you invoice me?

Yes we can invoice you if you have bought a mailing list from Electric Marketing in the past and paid it on time, then you have an account with us and we can invoice you.

If this is your company's first time buying a mailing list from Electric Marketing, we'll ask you to pay by card.

We cannot invoice for small amounts of under £50.

If you are ordering mailing lists or email lists on our website, you can opt to pay by credit card or by invoice.


For more information on how we compile our mailing lists and email lists, see our page Why Use Us?