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Target The UK's WFH Army With Email Marketing

Tue, 26/05/2020

49% of people are working from home during the coronavirus crisis.

And you can reach them using email marketing.

I don't think anyone thought that we'd all still be locked out of our workplaces in early 2021 when the government first announced that the pubs were closing and everyone was to Stay At Home. But nine months later, businesses, who maybe thought that they could ride out a few weeks of shutdown, are having to look for new ways to reach their target market.

Telephone marketing is limited as so many companies have closed their receptions or have security staff manning the phones. Direct mail is being delivered to empty offices.

But email marketing can cut through the lockdown restrictions and get your message in front of your target while they are working from home.

If you are new to email marketing, the Electric Marketing website has How To guides to get you started.

If you stopped using email marketing due to GDPR compliance fears, our website has pages which focus on the rules for business-to-business marketing. It is worth a read as the rules for b2b marketing are not as severe as the more widely publicised rules for marketing to consumers. You do not need consent to send an email to a business email address, you can send b2b marketing emails on the basis of legitimate interests.

Plus you don't have to invest in a big file of data. Electric Marketing has a firm policy of no minimum order. If you want to spend £25 on a UK emailing list of 100 marketing managers, we'd be delighted to help you dip your toe in the clear waters of email marketing.