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Planning To Capitalise On Brexit?

Mon, 15/05/2017

Target The UK's Importers And Exporters With These Mailing Lists

Brexit talks have begun and the UK is committed to leaving the EU. While smaller, nimbler companies can afford a "wait and see" approach, the UK's largest corporates are making plans, and contingency plans, to change how they operate, no matter what the Brexit deal will be.

Pretty much all companies will eventually go through a process of adjustment post-Brexit; the UK's importers and exporters will likely get there first.

These companies are examining their supply chains, pricing imports from outside the EU, looking at currency exchange rates, comparing transport and logistics costs, identifying possible regulatory changes and gathering information on what opportunities lie for them outside the EU.

Maybe you already have products and services to help companies working through this period of change? Or are you developing services to offer companies reassessing their export markets post-Brexit?

The government website has helpfully published a list of companies which have imported goods into the UK and a similar list of exporters. As well as hosts of micro businesses importing and exporting small amounts, you can see the UK's largest companies currently engaging in international trade.

Electric Marketing has taken the government information and enhanced it so that you can use it for business-to-business e-marketing campaigns to importers and exporters. We have appended addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and contact names of directors and senior managers to the government list of companies. These new import-export mailing lists can be used to target companies who are likely to be planning for a successful Brexit.