List Research Services

If you can't find the mailing list your business needs, you can commission Electric Marketing to research the perfect list for you. We will identify company addresses and phone numbers, call companies, find the name of the person responsible for buying your product or service within the company and input the data into an Excel file for you.

Before we start the project, we'll test the feasibility of the job by researching ten names free of charge.

You can either give us a list of specific companies you wish to target or you can describe the type of companies you want on your list e.g. mobile technology companies with 100+ employees. Then just specify the job title you require or the responsibilities of the person you wish to target.

Previous projects have included:

Our list research service is used by:

We are limited to researching companies in the UK and Ireland and we cannot guarantee that the executives concerned will consent to release their email addresses. Prices start at £2 per contact name.

To commission your perfect list call Mischa Watson on 020 7419 7022.

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